12 cats who’ve had enough of your stinking Christmas

1. This cat, who is all, “Dude, could you seriously take me out of this sock?”

2. This regal feline who cannot believe he has been reduced to such cheap holiday entertainment.

3. This little one, who is just hoping to hide from Santa.

4. And this furry friend who is definitely writing to Santa to tell him to bring his owners giant lumps of coal.

5. This cat, who…just…wants…to…reach…through…this…weird…thing.

6. This kitteh, who is actually terrified of Christmas.

7. And this furball, who is so above it all, she just wants a freakin’ nap.

8. This ginger-cat is in a thousand-shades-of-nope kinda mood.

9. While this trickster is straight out waging war on Christmas.

10. She’s over it. SO over it.

11. And this unamused housemate isn’t feeling these lights. Not one bit. Why don’t YOU try untangling them, huh?

12. And finally, this cat is staging an intricate plot to take down Santa. RAWWWRRR!

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