This 11-year-old girl just won the breakup game

One 11-year-old girl’s “official breakup” quickly became the burn hear ‘round the world when her sister, Madi Nickens tweeted screenshots of the conversation. Basically Madi’s little sis heard that her (now ex) boyfriend, Joey, was spotted at the park with another girl, named Natalie. With the confidence of a mythic unicorn, she texted Joey the most classic pre-breakup line of all time, “We need to talk.” Let’s just say things escalated from there.

First, Madi’s little sister laid out all the reasons that Joey has not been a satisfactory boyfriend. Apparently, there’d already been two prior incidents where he went behind her back and hung out with other girls (probably at the park, because that sounds like his go-to rendezvous point). “I actually believed you when you said you loved me, but I guess not,” the girl texted, reminding all of us how horrible young love can be.

Then, Joey gave a lame apology. Luckily, our heroine saw right through it and lashed back. “Whatever just don’t talk to me in middle school,” she said. “I didn’t even love you.” Yass, girl! Love how she’s standing up for herself. If you have standards (like you don’t want to date a guy who frequents the park with other ladies), then why stay with someone who obviously can’t live up to them?

Joey tried to retaliate by bringing up a recent Starbucks date, but it seems pretty clear that Madi’s little sis could be buying Starbs for whomever she wants. Ugh, super immature, Joey. (Also, when did 11-year-olds start drinking coffee? Asking for a friend.)

Okay, put on your oven mitts, because Joey is about to get burned. Please read all of this in your inner-sassy-eleven-year-old voice (I know you have one).

“Ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause your not on my level.” The sass! Oh, it burrrrns! Seriously, this girl is absolutely amazing. The next time I need to break things off with a jerk, I’m hiring her to write the texts for me.

Back when I was 11, if a boy wasn’t treating me well, I mostly cried and wrote about it in my diary. What a fabulous reminder that, no matter what your age, you should never stay with someone who isn’t nice to you — you deserve better!

We wish you the best, little burn-master. Hope your next boyfriend is more on your level.

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