We can all learn something from this 11-year-old boy who helps adults in $2 “emotional advice” sessions

Take the subway in Brooklyn, and you just might come across an 11-year-old boy offering “Emotional Advice” for $2 to stressed out New Yorkers.

Ciro Ortiz, known by many as “Emotional Advice Kid,” sets up shop every Sunday in various spots across Brooklyn to offer the 5-minute advice sessions for $2 a pop.

“I help people with their problems because, a lot of people, sometimes they feel sad or they feel angry for particular reasons, Ortiz told The New York Post. 

According to Upworthy, Oritz can make up to $50 on a good day – but he doesn’t keep it for himself. He uses the money to help pay for school lunches for classmates who can’t afford them.

“The most rewarding part is actually making an impact on how people feel about themselves and other things, Ortiz told the Post. “Just seeing the stands might give them hope for something, make them feel better about themselves and the world in general.

Oritz is clearly wise beyond his years – and already understands the importance of lending a listening ear. We all could learn a thing or two from him.

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