This 11-year-old girl has a higher IQ than Einstein

Eleven-year-old Kashmea Wahi from the UK only took an IQ test to prove a point to her parents. According to Mental Floss, they’d been nagging Kashmea about her study habits. We’re thinking they might ease up on her a bit now, because Kashmea nailed the exam. In a major way.

She crushed it with a 162, which is a perfect score. To put things in perspective, that’s also two points higher than Albert Einstein’s IQ score. Oh and Stephen Hawking’s, too. NBD.

In addition to being a super smarty pants, Kashmea plays lawn tennis, net ball, and chess. So basically, she sounds awesome. We’d love to hang out with her, although we might have a better shot at a game of lawn tennis than chess, since she plays chess on a national level. (Bow down.)

Kashmea found the IQ test while surfing the net on her iPad. If you’d like to give it a go, you can do so here. Best of luck!

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[Image via Twitter.]