This 11-year-old boy just delivered his baby brother, like something out of a sitcom

You know how sitcoms always portray childbirth as something that happens without any warning (other than, you know, the nine-month lead time)? It seems like every time a baby is born on television, the blessed event takes about as long as your average commercial break. We’re looking at you, Mary Tyler Moore Show. And Malcolm in the Middle. And Army Wives. And Lost. And Community. And Desperate Housewives. And White Collar. And Malcolm in the Middle AGAIN. And every soap opera ever. (You get the idea.)

Of course, in the real world, it doesn’t happen quite that fast…except when it does.

In a bizarre turn of events that sounds like it came straight off our TV screens, a mom in Marietta, Georgia, gave birth this week in such a hurry that she had the baby at home and her 11-year-old son helped deliver the little bundle of joy. Yes, you read that correctly. An 11-year-old stepped up and helped his mom give birth to his baby brother. (If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, it’s because the EXACT same thing happened on Malcolm in the Middle. Except Francis was way older than 11 when he helped his mom give birth. Just saying.)

Kenyarda Dukes was home with her son, James, when she realized the baby was coming. James heard his mom screaming and, like the awesome son that he so clearly is, he asked if she was okay. Um, no. Not exactly. She was in the throes of childbirth. No worries. James had the sitch totally under control. He called 911 and told them to come pronto. He even kept his cool enough to thank the 911 operator for his help. It’s way impressive. (You can listen to the call here.) Mom and baby, who has been dubbed Royal, are both safe and sound, thanks in no small part to James. Kenyarda told her local news station, “My son was brave. He didn’t shake. He didn’t budge. I was like, ‘Oh my God! Somebody help me.’ He did a wonderful job and I’m proud of him.” Dad also chimed in to say, “Words can’t express how proud I am. He is the epitome of when you tell your son that ‘you’re the man of the house so you have to take care of those responsibilities,’ and he did it to a T.” It probably comes as no surprise that James wants to be a doctor someday. He’s got the seal of approval from Dr. Eric Brown, the doctor who was supposed to deliver his baby brother. Dr. Brown told WSB-TV in Atlanta, “I’ve never heard of anything like this. I think James is very special. The baby is doing fantastic. As you can see, his young doctor is taking very good care of him.” He even says young James is welcome to come hang out in his office so he can help the boy’s dreams of becoming a doctor come true someday. Awwww.

MAJOR props to James for being the world’s most amazing son, big brother and future doctor all rolled into one!

[All images via Twitter.]