11 tweets that sum up the insanity of Black Friday

Only one thing gets crowds of pumpkin pie-stuffed Thanksgiving revelers out of bed at ungodly hours the very next morning. As we Americans are aware, the day that follows Turkey Day is the most anticipated Friday of them all for consumers across the country. You know I’m talking about Black Friday.

While, of course, Black Friday is an amazing day for one-time deals and massive discounts, we’re all familiar with the insanity that is often unleashed upon the malls of America on that date — from fist fights in department stores to screaming matches in parking lots.

But there is no one more familiar with the madness of Black Friday than the overworked and underappreciated retail employee. And here are 11 tweets that sum up what it’s like to survive Black Friday.

Maintaining any semblance of self-control while dealing with throngs of thoughtless customers is an accomplishment to brag about for years.

Retail employees' work hours reach into the double digits on Black Friday.

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And the behavior that they witness during their shifts will stay with them FOREVER.

Law enforcement might have to get involved for the safety of the consumers.

Some compare it to The Hunger Games...

While others think it more closely resembles The Purge.

Consumers may choose to sit out a shopping spree for fear of bodily harm.

And the most important thing to remember: Treat employees with respect on Black Friday (and all days, obviously — but especially on such a hectic and labor intensive day that gets to be a holiday for you).


And you can always hit up Cyber Monday instead…

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