11 Tiny Animals Who Have No Idea How Tiny They Are

In tiny-adorable news this week, the UK seems to have discovered its tiniest dog. Chip, the Chihuahua-Dachshund stands nearly six inches tall, and weighs less than two pounds. He might only be three months old, so there is a small potential for him to grow a little bit more, but it’s not likely. He will always be a tiny li’l dog. Just how tiny, you ask? Take this jar of hotdogs and put it next to Chip.

See now? That’s TINY. But do you think he knows it? No, Chip just thinks jars of hot dogs are really, really tall. By that logic, these other animals probably have no idea how tiny they are either.

1). These two ducklings who think this teacup is a pond.

2). This little kitty who thinks this big dog is a king-sized bed.

3). This guy who thinks stinky shoes are totally legit hiding places.

4). This kitten who truly believes a saucer is a hot tub.

5). This mini-horse who can not process the length of a normal-sized horse’s legs.

6). This puppy who thinks a cookie jar is actually a well-fitting pair of pants.

7). This tiny kitten who doesn’t get the purpose of a dog bowl.

8). And this tiny puppy who has the SAME EXACT PROBLEM.

9). This little rabbit who considers shirt pockets a viable form of transportation.

10). This duck who’s just about the size of a glass, if you were wondering. 

11). Finally, this puppy who probably thinks he’s the same size as his sibling. Sorry, little guy. 

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