11 things only people in laid-back relationships understand

When a laid-back person falls in love with another laid-back person, the chances of their relationship being pretty low-maintenance is extremely high. Because two chill people doing life together usually makes for a super chill time. Sure, they’re not perfect — laid-back people certainly have disagreements, but it’s the way those disagreements are handled that makes them different from high-maintenance couples.

Like, let’s say one half of a laid-back couple forgets to put the milk away, and her partner finds the milk on the counter. Instead of reacting in a huge way, the laid-back partner will likely either put the milk back in the refrigerator where it belongs or throw it out. Because who cares? It’s milk.

Making a spectacle out of an insignificant situation just isn’t the style of chill people.

There are certain things that go on in laid-back relationships that high-maintenance folks probably don’t understand, which is fine. Every relationship is different. But if yours is super chill, we have a feeling you’ll totally relate to these aspects of an easy going relationship.

1. You’re totally fine canceling plans with friends to stay home.

Going out is fun when you’re in the mood to leave the house, but ultimately, your favorite pastime is hanging out with each other at home.

2. Hanging out at home sometimes means doing things completely separately.

If your partner is watching Game of Thrones and you’d much rather be watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you just go do it. And everything’s cool.

3. Farting in front of each other is the norm.

Actually, it’d be weird if you left the room just to fart. Unless, of course, you anticipate the scent being especially gnarly.

4. You both aren’t threatened by each other’s friends.

Because there’s no reason to be threatened by people who make your partner happy. You can all hang together or separately, but either way, you have each other’s support.

5. You don’t think twice about wearing your pajamas all day.

The couple that stays in PJs all day is the couple that IS SO COMFORTABLE ALL THE TIME!

6. You’re happy to go out to eat or stay home.

Neither of you are demanding when it comes to food.

7. Sex is great no matter when or where.

Being laid-back means you’re open to trying new things… and new places.

8. You rarely fight, but when you do, it’s usually resolved right away.

You’re open to hearing each other’s thoughts and concerns, and would much rather understand each other than hold onto negative feelings.

9. Napping is the absolute best.

Staying busy just for the sake of having something to do is the worst. But napping? Napping is the best.

10. Jealousy just isn’t a thing for you guys.

You’re confident in your relationship and have no reason to feel jealous of anyone spending time with your significant other.

11. You’re both super go with the flow all the time.

You planned on staying in for the night, but your partner’s friends called and invited you guys to a party. You’re both totally happy going to the party, but are also fine taking a rain check.

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