11 Reasons to Never Leave Your House

Home is where the heart is. And the laptop. And blanket. And books. And DVDs. And cat/dog. And food. Now, I’m not saying a little bit of fresh air isn’t amazing, but I’m also saying staying at home is probably more amazing. With all the technology out there, there is truly no reason to ever leave your house. As a writer who spends a lot of her time at home working, I can assure you that most necessities can be procured from home because:

1. Baby, it’s cold outside.

It’s almost January, which means it’s freezing almost everywhere (except the southern hemisphere, obviously) and the thought of scraping off your windshield, waiting for the car to bless you with air that is not satanically cold and making sure your fingers haven’t frozen off as you run errands is just not ideal. Inside, you can turn on the heat, snuggle under a toasty blanket (or even an electric one, although be careful and don’t electrocute yourself) and read a book, write a letter, make yourself some hot chocolate or better yet, an Irish coffee. YUM.

2. Birchbox.

Are you a makeup lover but a) hate shopping in overcrowded malls to find the nearest Sephora and b) love experimenting with all different kinds of makeup? For ten dollars, Birchbox sends you a care package of all kinds of high-end makeup products like Stila, Bliss, Kiehls, Benefit and more. And you know the stuff they send you is good because the people at Birchbox try and test every single product before they ship it to you.

3. Amazon Everything.

When I was forced to leave my car at home and I was sick of college cafeteria food, I would just order my own food. Amazon has an awesome grocery and gourmet food section. You can order soup, baklava, Yorkshire tea and other goodies not commonly found in grocery stores. But Amazon isn’t just magical because of its eclectic food selection. Oh no. You can order all of your books for school for a million dollars cheaper, kitchen appliances, linens, toys, computers, a mug in the shape of toilet, I mean the list goes on. Soon, there will really be no reason to go the store. Especially when Amazon Drones will be hovering around dropping off online purchases like storks.

4. YouTube your way to greatness.

YouTube isn’t just for cat videos. You can actually get a good workout without emptying your checking account, going outside, or dealing with sweaty gyms. Tracy Anderson (whom Gwyneth Paltrow swears by) has all these workout webisodes which I swear have made my butt a little tighter and my arms kind of thinner. Or at least they would have had I not stuffed my face with cookies and mashed potatoes this month.

YouTube also has amazing DIY videos, like cooking how-tos. For instance, have you ever wanted to cook your own lobster? Well this video will show you how. If you’re need of a new look, here’s some awesome makeup tutorials by Lauren Curtis, who is adorable. This one is for going out, and here is an everyday look. A guilty pleasure of mine is watching shopping haul videos, and I have no idea why but once I start watching one I can’t stop. It’s terrifying. And hypnotic.

5. Online shopping is the best shopping.

I know whenever I’m at H&M and waiting to try on a blazer, I wonder why I am being such a masochist because forty minutes go by and I’ve somehow only moved up a foot or two. Especially during this time of year, I would rather throw myself out a window than go to the mall. It’s scary out there, with all the new consoles out and Christmas deals. I’m talking Lord of the Flies or the last forty minutes of Titanic scary. I can’t deal, so I shop online instead. Yeah, I might order something that doesn’t fit and yes it’s going to be a hassle, but it would have been one to begin with, so why not gamble the convenience? The best thing about online shopping is that you don’t have salespeople following you around everywhere asking if they can do something for you (oh I know, the struggle) but come on. Let me pick out my jeans in peace.

6. Netflix.

Just for winter alone, these shows on are on my queue: Sons of Anarchy, Twin Peaks, Sherlock, Mad Men, The Tudors and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I will never be bored again. (Netflix, if you’re reading this, can you please stream The Wire??? Thanks!)

7. Everything you need to know, you can learn from Cracked.

I think I have absorbed more useful information from Cracked than I have from my public school education. For instance, here is an article that explains how European Christmas is terrifying, 2013’s failures which we should have seen coming, how to get out of a traffic ticket and cute cat behaviors with evil explanations

8. Because sometimes fiction is way better than real life.

Did I mention one of the best things ever is to just cuddle up and read a book? Make some tea and read about someone else’s crazy life so you don’t have to focus on your own. Some of my favorite picks: Where’d You Go Bernadette, Bastard out of Carolina and Unaccustomed Earth.

9. If you feel like going out but staying in, your problems are solved.

Sometimes we get so lazy that we don’t even want to drive to the restaurant and pick up our to-go chow mein.  Hey, I feel you. Order online at Grubhub or Seamless for those nights you just want your food brought to you.

10.  Is it that time of the month? No worries, mate.

Day one of my period is the worst. My cramps feel like I am being repeatedly stabbed from the inside, I can’t fit into anything, I’m crying into a pillow all the time, and my need for pad Thai is insatiable. The last thing I feel like doing is dragging my ass out of bed and into the cold to buy tampons from a nineteen year-old cashier who is secretly laughing at me. Or is he? Maybe I’m being too hormonal. I don’t know. With Hello Flo, you pay around 14-18 dollars a month, and they will send you everything you need, plus some to make your gruesome days a little bit more tolerable. All you have to do is let them know when you normally get your period, your uh, flow, and preferred methods of blockage. Revolutionary, right?

11. Comfy clothes are the best clothes!

My absolute favorite aspect about staying inside is wearing whatever I want! And that’s usually a pair of soft pajamas or sweats, socks, and a hoodie. Who needs a skirt and heels?! My go to bottoms are these Gap Drawstring modal pants. They’re super soft, they don’t shrink in the wash so they stay long, and they’re not sheer so when I’m doing laundry no one has to see anything they weren’t planning on seeing. Also, our editors here at HG know what’s up. This Yoon Cashmere sweater is the bee’s knees (do people say that anymore?) and I seriously need this FOREVER hoodie.

12. Who needs friends

When you have your pet of choice, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I’m kind of joking with this one, since you should probably interact with real people at least a few times a week. I promise it’s good for you. But yes, we all have those days where isolation is key and people are terrible. But that’s why you have us, Gigglers.

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