11 Reasons to Stay in This Weekend

You guys should already know that I am the biggest indoorsy person, ever. Almost all of my needs are met within my apartment, and I am not above canceling plans to achieve those needs. Staying in is the next best thing to going on vacation, quite honestly. You get to sleep in and not plan anything besides what you’re having for lunch. Plus, there are just so many vital reasons to kick it at home, such as:

1.  Pajamas > all other clothes

Don’t you just love waking up and thinking to yourself, “I don’t even need to get dressed because no one will see me! I can stay in these soft, comfortable pants all day long because I am my OWN BOSS TODAY.” I know I do. I also love not doing my hair, not putting on make-up, and generally not looking presentable because who even cares.

2. Sunday night television

I don’t care what is going on on Sunday, because missing my shows is just unacceptable. The Walking Dead, Scandal, GIRLS, and Shameless are just several amazing series that have gifted our lazy Sundays with the non-living and gossip.

3. Streaming shows on Netflix

Getting into a show and polishing off season after season within days is easier than ever. Netflix recently released the 5th season of Parks and Recreation, so if you fell behind last year, or want to give the most amazing show in the world a chance, all five seasons are up. Plus, you can watch Breaking Bad, New Girl, and Scandal, which I would suggest before Tumblr spoils it all with gifs (if it hasn’t already).

4. Recipe hunt

Lately, I’ve been really into finding healthy, creative recipes. I already know how to bake a chicken and cook vegetables, but Pinterest has all these cool ideas. Did you know you can make mashed potatoes out of just cauliflower? Or that you can make chia seed pudding from stuff you already have in your cabinets and fridge? Plus, how would I have my massive archive of spaghetti squash recipes if it weren’t for the Internet?

5. Have a movie marathon

Make some popcorn and watch all the movies you missed this year, including: The Book Thief, Inside Llewyn Davis, 12 Years a Slave, and Gravity, which are all out or about to be.

6. Treat yo self 

Don’t tell anyone, but I am terrible at painting my nails. They are always painted though, and this is essentially because I have a nail polish purchasing addiction. Regardless, I am not the greatest manicurist, and this is partly because I only spend five minutes doing my nails since I have no time, ever. As most of us know, this is no way to pamper yourself. Take this time and whip up a facial mask made out of strawberries and oatmeal. Coat your hair in an avocado mask. Youtube how to give yourself a French manicure without having to pay for one. Luxury can be cheap.

7. Order a pizza and don’t share with anyone

Sometimes, I love having a lot of food and not sharing with anyone. There is something so ridiculously frivolous about this, but sometimes, a girl has got to order a huge pepperoni and olive pizza for herself and no one else.

8. Listen to music from the 2000s and be nostalgic

Enjoy (you’re welcome):

“Suga Suga” by Baby Bash, Frankie J

“California” by Phantom Planet

“Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous” by Good Charlotte:

“Intuition” by Jewel

“Jumpin’ Jumpin’” by Destiny’s Child

9. Have a dance party with DJ Roomba

Get your exercise by dancing in front of the mirror with your microphone (aka hairbrush) like you’re fifteen. It feels really good, I swear.

10.  Listen to new music

St. Vincent’s self-titled album recently came out, as well as Broken Bells’ After the Disco, which I haven’t stopped listening to. It’s stellar. You need to purchase the album like right now.

11. Catch up on sleep

I know, I know, technically you cannot literally “catch up” on sleep. But you can certainly put off your responsibilities for several hours and let your brain relax. It’s been a long week for all of us!

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