11 perfectly gay gifts to celebrate yourself this winter season, because pride isn’t a seasonal thing

We have so much love for the LGBTQ+ community. Though we’ve made progress, it still isn’t easy being gay, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community in general. We still have so far to go! While it may sound silly, sometimes you just need to curl up in your room and be surrounded by rainbows and love and sparkles, and escape the homophobic world around you. And these ~perfectly~ gay gifts do just that. Because we all deserve a safe haven.

1. The Future Is Queer Tee ($15)


We’d seriously rock this all fall and winter long.

2. This lovely I Deserve sticker ($1)


Who doesn’t need more positivity in their life?! This sticker is just that.

3. This ah-mazing More Fats, More Femmes mug ($30)


Because you’re perfect just the way you are.

4. This Samira Wiley altar candle ($10)


Bowing down to Samira Wiley is basically our everyday. All hail Samira Wiley!!

5. This hilarious Wish You Were Queer sticker ($3)


It’s so darn gorgeous, too.

6. This pronoun necklace is so beautiful ($9)


This is a serious work of art, and it’s important, too. Here’s to proper gender pronoun usage!

7. This Let Me Be Perfectly Queer mug ($12)


Our coffee would be oh-so-pleased to live in this cutie.

8. This stunning LGBTQ flag watercolor ($16)


A subtle reminder no matter where you are that who you are is lovely.

9. This Hard Femme v-neck tee ($25)


Yes, yes, yes. All the heart eyes.

10. This Tomboy pin from Wildfang ($10)


We’re filled with happiness.

11. This glittery flawless banner ($16)


Now go celebrate yourself! Because you deserve nothing but love.