11 perfectly edgy leaf tattoos to celebrate the fact that FALL IS FINALLY HERE

We love all things fall, from a good ol’ PSL to wearing super fuzzy sweaters (despite the fact that, let’s be real, it’s still hot AF outside in most of the country), and what better way to show our undying devotion to the ~best season around~ than to pay it homage with a tattoo? We found some of the edgiest and cutest leaf tattoos, from the totally massive to the adorably teensy, so we can all celebrate it FINALLY beginning to cool down and the magic that comes with it.

Here’s some of our faves:

1. These bright beauties

2. These matching ones


3. This adorable blackwork piece

4. This patterned one

5. This super Halloween-obsessed piece

6. This bright one

7. This total stunner

8. These fall colors

9. This delicate one


10. This pretty lil' thing

11. This little guy

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