11 last-minute Halloween costumes for couples

It’s almost Halloween, and if you’ve been procrastinating there’s a strong chance you’re stuck looking for last minute couples costume for you and your boo. And as if looking for a costume for yourself wasn’t hard enough, toss in having to consider the likes and dislikes of your significant other, and you might be costume-less until next Halloween.

Of course, there’s no rule that says you absolutely have to head out to every party in perfectly coordinated outfits. But for a lot of people, getting dressed up with their significant others is their favorite part of the holiday — and we’re always here to enable creative, Halloween fun.

So, to help with your last minute couples costume woes, here’s a little inspiration.

1Milk and cookies

Perhaps the most iconic duo on this list, because who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies with a cold glass of milk (or something lactose-free if dairy isn’t your thing?)

2Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise from Doug

Not only is this last minute costume the ultimate nod to ’90s cartoons, but it’s also easy to recreate. All you need is a yellow wig, some circular cutouts, and a green vest. Feel free to play with the colors to keep things interesting.

3Ted and his pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother


The How I Met Your Mother writers dedicated an entire episode to Ted and his search for love, and created the perfect last minute couples costume in the process. Because every hanging chad needs their slutty pumpkin.

4Double Waldos

When you’re working against the clock, simplicity is key. Grab these matching Where’s Waldo shirts, beanies, and glasses for the most elusive couples costume out there.

5A little lumberjack love


This lumberjack duo couldn’t be more adorable, but the best part of their costume is how easy it to create your very own. Grab your favorite pair of denim,  plaid shirts, and of course, you can’t forget the suspenders.


What better way to show the world that your love is immortal than dressing up in matching vampire get-ups? A little fake blood, some dark eye make-up, matching black outfits, and you’re out the door.

7Gumball duo

If you’re into arts and crafts then making these adorable gumball outfits will be a breeze. Grab two plain white T-shirts, glue, plenty of tiny pom-poms, some colored fabric for the base, and that’s it. You and yours will be the cutest pair at any party.

8Lazy PB&J

For the lazy lovers out there, transform into everyone’s favorite sandwich duo with this super easy last minute couples costume.

9Kim and Kanye

You can’t really go wrong with dressing up as popular celebrity couples. Recreate Kim and Kanye’s Met Gala look by donning a sparky dress and matching jean jacket for your boo.

10Cosmo and Wanda from the Fairly Odd Parents


A shiny pink wig, some green hair dye, cutout stars for your wands and crowns, and you’ve successfully created this cute Cosmo and Wanda couples costume. Hopefully your Halloween will be as magical as our outfits.

11Fred and Elizabeth from Drop Dead Fred

Fred and Elizabeth were not a couple in the movie, in fact, Fred was Liz’s imaginary friend from childhood who returned to cause trouble in her already unstable adult life. But that doesn’t mean you and your person can’t still rock this look — Fred’s signature green jacket and Liz’s easy-to-do preppy look will make the ultimate last minute couples costume.