11 last-minute gifts for your grandparents that will remind them why you’re their favorite

Our grandparents hold an extra special place in our hearts and for good reason. They’ll always take our side during fights with our parents, they always have the best snacks, and they’ve lived the longest so they *literally* know everything. Grandparents are cool AF. But because they’re just so chill and we know they’ll appreciate anything we get them, we don’t always put enough thought into their gifts, and we’re officially calling it: that should probably stop. They deserve better!

And we totally know how it happens that our beloved grandparents end up with kinda lame gifts: We put off shopping until the last minute, and then just end up getting them some variation of the same old gift every year. Plus, what do you even get the people who already seem to have everything they need? Chill out, we’ve got you covered!

1 Make tea time extra special with these grandma/grandpa mugs, $16.50

2 Jazz up grandma’s cookies with these 3 mini rolling pins, $34.99 

3Remind grandpa he can fix anything with these personalized hammers, $29.99 

4Grandma will love this personalized sterling silver hand-stamped necklace, $43

5Help them keep track of their phones and keys with the Loc8tor Lite, £59.99 

6This Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl, $58 — because grandparents still knit, right?


7Create a special keepsake with this grandparent & grandchild letter book set, $40

8This hand carved sign is perfect to help them remember the important dates, $99.95  

9 Grab this really cool nana shirt, $16.99

10Get artsy and create these gorgeous grono lamps with old film.

11They’ll love this screen magnifier while watching movies, $14.99 


Show your grandparents just how much you appreciate them this year with one of these super thoughtful gifts. And when the holiday season has ended, don’t forget to call! Remember, they *literally* know everything.