11 last-minute gifts for your boyfriend that he’ll freak out over

Finding gifts for people you care about is tough. You want to get them something meaningful and useful that they will treasure, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Add in the stress of finding the perfect gift for a significant other that you care for a bunch, and then just forget it! Sometimes the stress can be too much, so you avoid it until the last minute. And that’s okay! We’re not here to judge — we’re here to help! So if you’re going through what we just described, fear not! We’ve compiled a list of last minute gifts that will make your boyfriend freak out in a good way. Read on, and rest assured, we’ve got your back, and your boyfriend will be so psyched!

1. A Marvel Collector Corp box!

If your boo is kind of a comic book nerd (not that you’d ever put it that way to his face!) this is pretty perfect. For $150 you can sign him up for the Hero Program, which will send a surprise box of collectible Marvel merchandise to him every other month. This could be anything from t-shirts, collectibles, and who knows! That’s the best part, it’s a total surprise! There’s also a $25 option called the Collector Program that will send one a box a year if you want send him a Marvel themed surprise for a little cheaper. Either way, this gift is a win-win if you’re dating a Marvel fan!


2. A beer making kit!

Seriously, look how cool this kit is! For $49.95, your boyfriend can brew his own beer! It’s seriously the perfect mix of the excitement you’d get as a little kid with science projects, with a grown up twist! Also at a little under $50, it won’t totally clear out your bank account! Perfect for the boyfriend that is a serious beer aficionado!


3. A VR headset! [/suhheader]

The future is here, and when we say that we mean whoa! Virtual Reality is a real thing and you can buy products that use it! Whoa! Order your boyfriend this VR headset from Target for $129. If he’s even a little bit into technology or gaming he’s for sure heard about all the cool strides in virtual reality, and will be so excited to play with it! Honestly, it’s a present for you too because it’s super cool and he’ll have to share because you’re dating!


4. Wireless headphones!

This gift is great for the boyfriend that is super into working out! These wireless headphones won’t get in the way when he’s hitting the gym, they look super cool, and they come out to be around $80! If you have a fitness fanatic boo, this is the perfect gift! If you order now it will also probably arrive before Christmas, so what are you waiting for!?


5. A cool looking copper bar set!

If you’ve got the kind of boyfriend that loves cocktails and likes to pretend he’s James Bond, this is seriously so great. This bar set has got everything you need to get some great classic cocktails going, and even when it’s not being used it looks super stylish. Order it now!


[suhbeader] 6. This totally awesome speaker that uses your phone! [/subheader]

If you’ve got a boyfriend that loves going on adventures outside or starting impromptu get-togethers, this is speaker is totally perfect. Just set your phone on top of it and it plays music! It’s that simple! Perfect for beach parties, camping trips, or parties that need some last minute tunes! It also doubles as a charger and is only $40! So easy, so cool, and so cheap!


7. A cordless drill!

This is the perfect present if you’ve got a handy boyfriend (or a boyfriend who thinks he’s handy shhh we won’t tell)! This drill doesn’t need to be plugged in, has rechargeable batteries, and is seriously nice. It’s a great practical gift, and it’s sleek updated design gets rid of any dad-gift vibes.


8. A universal battery pack!

Now, hear us out. A battery pack sounds totally boring as a gift, but this thing is seriously so awesome. It has ports for any sort of tech that could need to be charged, is portable, and totally low cost at a little over $20. Perfect for the busy guy on a go who is always losing charge on his cellphone or his gear! He will seriously be thanking you later next time he gets into a tech pinch!


9. An amazing shaving kit!

The Dollar Shave Club seriously has the best men’s facial hair care products. And the best part? Not only are they high quality, they’re pretty cheap and work on subscription. So treat your boyfriend to a great razor with refillable blades that are sent to his place monthly, and maybe some cool shaving creams while you’re there! The site comes with different subscriptions and products that fit every budget!


10. Sriachha to-go!

This is the perfect quirky last minute gift if you’re really low on funds, have to get a gift last minute, and your boyfriend is a fan of spicy Sriracha! This company makes tiny refillable Sriracha bottle key chains that you can clip to anything from your car keys to your belt! They’re so cute, and seriously practical! Bonus, they also have tons of cool Sriracha themed products on the site like mugs and snacks!


11. Nice cashmere or heat tech sweaters!

This is great if you’ve got the kind of boyfriend that hates buying clothes for himself, but loves feeling cozy. Uniqlo makes some of the cutest, cheapest cashmere sweaters on the planet, that also come in all sorts of different colors! They also make an amazing product called ‘Heat-Tech’ that is thin, soft and seriously the warmest! Get these to keep your boyfriend cozy all winter long!


So there you have it! Eleven cool last minute gifts that you can get your boyfriend right under the wire for the holidays! You’ll finally get that oh-my-god, I’ve got to get a gift feeling off your chest, and he’ll be happy! It’s a win-win!