11 items that will take your homemade iced coffee game to the next level

Coffee lovers, this one’s for you! Summer might be almost over but you still have more than enough time to step up your homemade iced coffee game. For most of us, our morning coffee is as important as brushing our teeth. The day just doesn’t begin without that first sip of magic in the form of brown caffeinated liquid. And during the summer months (or whenever the need arises) most people will opt for a little chill in their caffeine to beat the heat. Unfortunately, being an iced coffee enthusiast can get pricey if you’re always running to your nearest coffee shop.

If you can relate and you’re looking to take your homemade iced coffee skills to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve found some pretty great items to help you get started. We promise it won’t take too much effort and the end results will be so worth it. Plus, most of these items are super budget-friendly.

1HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker, $29.99


This simple device promises to make the perfect iced coffee in just minutes. How does it work? Simply put the hyper chiller in the freezer, once frozen, pour hot coffee into the chiller and in just 60 seconds, you’ll have cold caffeinated goodness.

2Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray, $13.72


This novelty coffee bean ice tray is adorable and functional. Fill it with coffee and pop it in the freezer so the next time you decide to make iced coffee at home, you’ll never have to worry about diluting your drink with regular ice.

3Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser, $79.99


On those days when one caffeinated beverage just isn’t enough, this cold brew dispenser will come in handy. Make and store your iced coffee in one convenient place then enjoy all day.

4Dripo Slow Drip Iced Coffee Maker, $35.99


The slow drip cold brew method is also known as Japanese style coffee, it uses a unique cold drip method to brew a perfect cup of coffee that’ll bring out the best flavors from your favorite beans. Dripo promises a more aromatic and delicate flavor with a lighter body.

5Iced Coffee Tumbler with Pineapple Pattern, $32.99


Impress your guests and treat yourself by serving your freshly brewed homemade iced coffee in these elegant pineapple shaped mugs.

6Zoku Iced Coffee Maker Travel Mug, $29.99


Take your homemade iced coffee on the road with the Zoku travel mug. It’ll keep your drink icy as you tackle your daily activities, and won’t lead to annoying condensation on the outside of the glass.

Don’t forget your beans!

7African Coffee Beans – Light Roast, $14.99


According to the experts, when it comes to picking the perfect bean for your iced coffee, “Light roast coffees taste great. African coffees are particularly delicious and give a cup that has a little more depth of flavor and good acidity. The grind should be French press or coarser.”

8KRUPS Electric Coffee Grinder, $28.49


Once you’ve found your ideal bean, it’s time to grind things up. Grinding your own coffee beans not only guarantees freshness but will also give an extra sense of accomplishment when you’re sipping on your tasty brew. And the KRUPS electric grinder will give you the perfect texture every time.

9Ozera Reusable Popsicle Molds, $8.99


Truly take your iced coffee to the next level by turning it into popsicles with this reusable mold.

10Wilton Caramel Flavor Candy Spoons, $5.99


Add a little extra flavor to your coffee with these yummy caramel flavored candy spoons. First you stir, then you enjoy your newly caramel infused beverage, then you eat your candy spoon.

11Amazing Accent Flavors!


And speaking of flavors, one of the best things about making your own homemade iced coffee is how easy it is to experiment with different accent flavors. You can sweeten with chocolate, spice things up with a little cinnamon, throw in some mint extract, or just mix and match until you find your perfect flavor combinations.

Remember, iced coffee season doesn’t last forever, so enjoy it while it’s here!

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