11 insane pool floats you need for 2017, because it’s swimming season at last

It’s been a crazy year. Therefore, summer 2017 needs be about big, HUGE fun. Fun like you’ve never had before. Standard donut pool floats just don’t suffice anymore. Especially not in this era of Instagram. Because if it’s not impressive there, it’s not impressive anywhere.

And we’re not just talking floating loungers. Nah, we’re talking floating bars and shoot-out games. Your pool party (PP) deserves better than just some lazy, half-asleep sunbathers. All of these items are available online, so place your order, and get set to be the most IG-able PP OG around.

1 Starfighter Inflatable Squirter Float – $60 


Though marketed for kids, this “crazy alien spaceship” can hold up to 140 pounds. It’ll be a hit with space nerds of all ages. Complete with a sunroof and a water blaster, this is the perfect pool float for rambunctious types (but sunbathers beware).

2 Avocado Pool Float – $25


Guacamole, schuacamole – throw your avocado in the pool! Sit your butt where the pit goes.

3 Pizza Slice Pool Float – $40


Make a pizza! Everybody gets their own slice. With dual drink holders and bungee connectors, you can take your slice rogue or hook up with the rest of the pie. Your choice.

4 Giant Margarita Pool Float – $40


You can’t have a pool party without margaritas. Duh.

5 Mermaid Tail Pool Float – $20


Take a splash like a true siren of the seas.

6 Giant Bling Ring Pool Float – $20


Put a ring on it. The water, we mean. You’ll have the biggest, brightest bling at the bash.

7 Giant Inflatable Derby Duck – $40


Add cool to your pool with this classic giant Derby Duck!

8 Peacock Pool Float – $59


Flamingos and unicorns are soooo trendy. Be unique with this multihued peacock. Maybe you’ll help usher in an it-moment for this majestic bird.

9 Pegasus Pool Float – $40


Or go mega-mystical with a Pegasus. Because, unicorns are cool, sure, but a unicorn with wings – she’s the bee’s knees.

10 Rainbow Cloud Inflatable Floating Bar – $39


While you’re floating around on your pegasus, you’re going to need somewhere to put your beverage. Turn your pool into a veritable cloud nine with this rainbow bar.

11 The Inflatable Water Shooting Float – $60


Sometimes just floating around on something isn’t enough fun. That’s when you need a space shooting game. The first player to displace all her balls from a cylinder with her integrated squirt cannon wins.

Enjoy one or all of these pool floats this summer, and happy floating!

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