11 delicious Icelandic candies that you should order online right now

There’s just an extra appeal to eating candy from another country. Maybe it’s the way international candies combine the comfort of snacking with the adventure of trying something new. Or perhaps, it’s the fact that different countries cater to different palettes, nonetheless, we’ve found some Icelandic candies that we believe you need in your life. After all, you could even learn a few handy Icelandic words while you familiarize yourself with the packaging. Chalk it up as a linguistic purchase.

PLUS, even if you’re not a candy or sweets person, they might make a fun gift for a friend or lover.

So, without further adieu, here are 11 Icelandic candies we think you should treat yourself to.

1OmNom Coffee and Milk Chocolate Bar, $13.99

2Lakrids By Johan Bülow — Chocolate Coated Liquorice, $31.61

3Appolo Lakkrís Licorice, $19.99

4Black Licorice Laces, $19.95

5Love Iceland Candy Tins (filled with jelly beans),$4.77

6Icelandic On Fire Jelly Bean Tin, $7

7Noa Pipp Mint Bar, $5.95

8Goa Hraun Goa Lava Bar, $5.95

9Lindu Buff Chocolate with White Cream, $5.95

10Noa Eitt Sett Chocolate with Licorice, $5.95

11Freyja Dream Chocolate Bar, $5.95


Now we can bless our sweet tooth with the flavors of Iceland while imagining the visions of waterfalls, glaciers, and scenic volcanoes.

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