11 holiday episodes of your favorite TV shows that are on Netflix right now

Happy holidays, Gigglers! We hope that you’re all curled up somewhere warm with people you care about eating delicious food and drinking delicious drinks! Because there is seriously nothing better than vegging out during the holidays! Sure, parties are great and outdoor winter activities are fun too, but a lot of times you just don’t want to go anywhere. And sometimes that’s the best celebration of all, sitting around watching quality programming! So lucky for you we’ve pulled together a list of all the best holiday episodes of our favorite TV shows that are on Netflix right now!

Finally, no more arguments about what to watch after opening presents!

1. Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Episode 10, “Forgiveness and Stuff”

If you’re looking for more Gilmore Girls and a heartwarming Christmas tale, this is where it’s at. After getting in huge trouble with Lorelai and Emily for staying out all night with Dean, Rory has to keep her chin up for the holidays. Lorelai gets in a fight with Emily (of course) and opts to skip the Gilmore’s annual Christmas party to hang out with Luke at the diner. During the dinner Richard collapses, and Luke in his true best-guy-ever fashion, closes the diner and rushes Lorelai to the hospital to see him. The Gilmores reunite and make amendments, and our holiday hearts are uplifted!

2. 30 Rock, Season 2, Episode 9, “Ludachristmas”

In this classic 30 Rock episode Jack meets Liz’ family and his mom Colleen does not approve of them because they’re too happy. Colleen sets out to prove that they are just as messed up as her family. Meanwhile, at the studio, the staff gets ready for “Ludachristmas,” and Kenneth gets upset that the staff doesn’t know the true meaning of Christmas. All and all, it’s as wacky and perfect and festive as you can expect a 30 Rock episode to get!

3. That 70s Show, Season 1, Episode 12, “The Best Christmas Ever”

In this amazing episode Red gives Eric $40 to go get a tree for the family. Instead of doing this, he and his friends use the money for beer and opt to cut a tree down from the side of the road instead. The cops get involved, and of course, hilarity ensues. This is the perfect episode if you need a crowd pleaser for the family, because seriously, who doesn’t love That 70s Show?

4. Parks and Recreation, Season 2, Episode 12, “Christmas Scandal”

In this perfect Christmas episode, Leslie and the Parks department participate in a holiday variety show parodying local politics. Leslie inadvertently stumbles into a new scandal with Councilman Dexhart, and the local news blows it completely out of proportion. It is seriously hilarious and perfect!

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Season 2, Episode 8, “Kimmy Goes to a Hotel!”

In this hilarious holiday installment of Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy asks her love interest Dong to sneak away to the Poconos where they share a planned romantic evening in a slightly less than ideal hotel. Meanwhile Jackie confronts a Jewish family trying to claim back at painting she owns that was stolen from them in the ’30s from the Nazis. All and all, it is a totally wacky, weird, Fey-ian holiday tale that you don’t want to miss!

6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1, Episode 8, “My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!”

In the wacky, warm, world of West Covina, California, Rebecca has a surprisingly nice holiday visit with her critical mother. Meanwhile Greg gets to the bottom of his issues with his seemingly kind mom, and Josh shows off some of his awesome breakdancing moves! Add in the requisite musical numbers, and this episode is sure to have your whole family singing and dancing!

7. The Office, Season 3, Episode 10, “A Benihana Christmas”

In this hilariously awkward episode of The Office, Michael gets dumped for sending out a Christmas card of him and his girlfriend’s family where he photoshops himself over her ex-husband. While this is happening Pam, Angela, and Karen fight to plan the annual holiday party results in them running competing events. All and all, this episode will get everyone into the spirit!

8. Glee, Season 2, Epsiode 10, “A Very Glee Christmas”

For those looking for an over-the-top Ryan Murphy Christmas, this holiday episode of Glee has got you covered! In it, we learn that Brittany still believes in Santa (aww) so the team takes her to see Santa. Things get real tough when she asks Santa to give Artie the ability to walk again. Meanwhile, Sue plans to destroy the Glee Club’s Christmas, and Rachel tries to win back Finn. So much drama and so much spirit!

9. Family Guy, Season 3, Episode 16, “A Very Special Family Guy Freaking Christmas”

In this predictably hilarious episode of Family Guy, Lois inspires Peter to donate a present to charity, and he, of course, takes it too far and gives away all the family’s presents. When the family goes out to buy new presents, they leave Brian in charge of the house, and it somehow gets set on fire. This causes Lois to snap and she becomes something of a Christmas supervillain, crusading threw town trying to ruin Christmas for everyone else. Oh, also Stewie plays Baby Jesus at one point, so yeah.

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 5, Episode 13, “A Very Sunny Christmas”

In the darkly funny end of the fifth season, Mac and Charlie exchange Christmas traditions, which leads to some big realizations about both of their childhoods that start to mess with their heads. Meanwhile, Dee and Dennis recruit a literal ghost of Christmas past to try to teach Frank a lesson about Christmas that totally backfires. While this is a totally funny episode, it does have some graphic violence, so this is definitely an episode for adult holiday hangouts.

11. Friends, Seasons 7 Episode 10, “The One with the Holiday Armadillo”

This list wouldn’t be complete without this holiday classic from the Friends universe! In this episode, Ross tries to teach his son about Hanukah, but realize he just wants to see Santa. He tries to get a Santa costume for him, but the story has run out so Ross has to get creative with a Christmas Armadillo costume and some other unconventional Christmas characters as well!

 So there you have it! Eleven great episodes of holiday television that you can go to Netflix and watch right this second! So curl up with some good company and some great snacks, and get binge watching! Tis the season!