11 Modcloth fashion items for someone who’d rather receive a cactus than flowers

We’re all familiar with the popular trope of giving a lover flowers as a romantic gesture (and sometimes as a way to make up). But what about people who would prefer succulent over a bouquet of roses? Wouldn’t you think those same peeps would be more into wearing a cacti print pantsuit instead of the ubiquitous floral dresses for spring?!

But have no fear cacti fans — we have our finger squarely on the pulse of cactus plant lovers! (Mostly thanks to Modcloth, who has quite the array of cactus-themed accoutrements.)

As an expression of our cacti-loving fashion solidarity, we have gathered 11 different fashion items for those of us who prefer the thorns over the rose.

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This Dashing Darling A-Line Dress in Succulents from Modcloth, $65


This Oh My Gosh A-Line Dress In Cacti from Modcloth, $60


This Hard At Quirk A-Line Dress from Modcloth, $90


This Desert Dabbling Bag from Modcloth, $18


This Unconventionally Chic Sleeveless Top from Modcloth, $45


This Been Niche Knowing You Patch Set from Modcloth, $10


This Marketing Maven Blazer in Succulents from Modcloth, $45


This One Good Turn Deserts Another Tank Top from Modcloth, $21


These You Desert So Much More Velvet Heels from Modcloth, $80


These Plant Believe it Earrings from Modcloth, $15


Wordplay to the Wise T-shirt from Modcloth, $15


Now you can heap cactus-themed fashion upon the person in your life who loves them  most, which might just be you!

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