Here are 11 of the cutest celebrity pets on Instagram

Need something to lift your mood? Well, this should help. We decided to round up a few photos of the cutest celebrity pets on Instagram, and let’s just say that our favorite Hollywood stars have made it really tough to judge. Whether or not these pets have their own accounts, or if they’re just featured a whole lot on their owners’ pages, they still make us smile when we see them on our feed.

For many of us, our pets are much like our children. We care about them like family, and they often eat better than we do. (Seriously.) We give them funny and charming names, and document everything they do online. Knowing that these celebrities are more or less just like us is pretty refreshing.

While every pet is a winner, even if they’re not on the list, here are a bunch of our faves.

1Dora, owned by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Dora is one special pup. In fact, a lot of people think that Dora helped Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get back together. Since Cyrus is a big fan of both cats and dogs, she managed to spot Dora at a rescue back in 2015 and just had a feeling she’d be the perfect match for Hemsworth. Now they’re all one big happy family.

2Chloe, owned by Ariel Winter

Actress Ariel Winter is also a pretty big fan of dogs. Back in 2016, she adopted a dog from Westside German Shepard Rescue and named her Chloe. Pretty perfect name for a pretty adorable pooch.

3Jackson and Joni, owned by Mandy Moore

Okay, so technically we’re lumping in Moore’s two dogs for the #3 spot on the cutest celebrity pets list. Joni, the dog below in the photo above, made headlines earlier this year for eating a chocolate bar. If you’re unaware, chocolate and dogs are a very dangerous mix. While it was scary, Moore handled everything like a pro and Joni turned out just fine. Phew.

4Zelda and Dot, owned by Zooey Deschanel

Our girl Zooey is also a huge dog fan. She rescued Zelda and her sister Dot a few years back on her birthday, and the two occasionally make appearances on Instagram. We couldn’t be more in love them — not only are they two of the cutest celebrity pets around, but they prove how important sisterhood is.

5Olivia, owned by Taylor Swift

It’s about time to add a cat to the list. Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson, named after Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU, is pretty darn popular and super cuddly. Since Swift recently wiped out Instagram to help promote her new songs and album, there aren’t too many Olivia photos around these days — but the video above proves that Olivia will probably be populating Swift’s account once again in the near future.

6Cash, owned by Christina El Moussa

HGTV star Christina El Moussa knows how cute her French bulldog is. That’s why she decided to give him his very own account. So far there are only 21 posts, but even so, he looks extremely loved in every shot.

7 Olive, owned by Brooklyn Beckham

Olive is a cocker spaniel who was adopted into a pretty important family. But as rumor has it, Brooklyn Beckham was the person who decided to start Olive’s Instagram account. It hasn’t been used since 2016, but the photos included are simply adorable. Since Brooklyn has been pretty busy with his photography career, we understand the lag.

8 Gary Fisher, originally owned by Carrie Fisher

We’re still shaken up after losing Carrie Fisher late last year. That’s why it’s so sweet that all of Gary Fisher’s recent photos have hashtags of #garyloveshismom and #garymisseshismom. According to People, the popular French bulldog is currently living with Fisher’s assistant. We’re just happy we’re still able to see how he’s doing.

9 Neville, owned by Marc Jacobs

There’s something quite interesting about Neville the bull terrier. He looks so regal, but he also looks like he’d give the best cuddles. Part of the reason that he’s on the cutest celebrity pets list is because he’s truly genuine. Neville actually has his own Instagram account that’s updated pretty regularly. And from the looks of it, he’s got quite an active life.

10Finn, owned by Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is one of the biggest animal lovers we know. And while it was tempting to include the basket of adorable kittens she’s currently fostering, we decided to give the award to Finn, her adorable pooch. Seyfried actually credits Finn for getting her interested in rescues, so it’s safe to say that this dog has saved a ton of lives.

11Koda, owned by Kellan Lutz

There’s no shortage of dog photos on Kellan Lutz’s Instagram page. And once you see them all, you’ll realize that there’s no doubt that Koda deserves to be on the cutest celebrity pets list. And even better, thanks to Lutz, we know that Koda’s agility skills are pretty on the mark.