11 pets who have totally mastered being cozy

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. A full body cloak is the best way to stay snug. 

(Reddit: alphabetassassin)

2. Cold days are easy when you have warm friends. 

(Reddit: Kedrico)

3. That electric blanket on the Human’s bed is basically all yours, you know. 

(Reddit: benboo)

4. Hibernation is not JUST for bears.

(Reddit: saralmighty)

5. Blanket forts are easily the best part about chilly weather. 

(Reddit: eefdabeef)

6. Sometimes kisses can help to warm things up, too. 

(Reddit: bibabeep)

7. A full-on blanket cocoon can help keep the winter blues at bay. 

(Reddit: mikelikesfilm)

8. Warm modem = happy cat.

(Reddit: dr_n2o)

9. Try not to hog the space heater — people get cold too. 

(Reddit: daffster)

10. A classic fireplace cures all cold-weather woes. 

(Reddit: rustybew)

11. Let your younger siblings get first dibs on the coziest blankets. 

(Reddit: thisguywontsit)

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