11 Christmas pets that are all of us this holiday season

While we’re all too ready for 2016 to finally be over, we’re still not sure how to feel about this holiday season. Honestly, Christmas can be *so*stressful, and it’s not always easy to be happy just because it’s the holidays. And what better way to express our mixed emotions about all things Christmas than by finding solidarity in these adorably dressed up Christmas pets?

Honestly, these little buddies know just how we feel, from our secret desire to be alone for the holidays to our never-ending bursts of excitement whenever we cross off yet another day and get a little bit closer to Christmas. Honestly, at the end of the day, we totally LOVE Christmas, and we’re just happy we can screenshot a few of these Christmas pets to tell our moms how we’re *really* feeling about taking that early morning flight home and crossing our fingers for zero delays! We just have so many feels!

1. This little buddy who just hopes we get a white Christmas for once

2. This pup that’s a little apprehensive about all of the holiday madness taking place

3. This cat that’s feeling pretty neutral about the whole situation, but is willing to go along with the festivities


4. And this cat that is *so* over Christmas already, and it hasn’t even happened!

5. This dog just trying to get the perfect selfie while covered in Christmas lights realizing it’s actually not as easy as it looks

6. This puppy who’s just anxiously counting down the days ’til he can open all his presents

7. This dog who is honestly SO READY FOR CHRISTMAS


8. This kitten who tolerates our obsession with the holidays, but that’s it


9. This dog who just wants to cuddle, because it’s cold AF

10. This dog who just really, really wanted to meet Santa this year and was willing to wait for as long as it takes

11. And, of course, this bird who is just happy the tree is finally decorated

TG for these Christmas pets for helping us express our many feels!

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