11 celebrities react to the presidential debate, because they thought it was insane too

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the presidential debates and the massive amounts of stress that they bring. And like, OK, we should technically be paying attention to what happens to the world around us, and our fave celebs have a lot to say about last night’s presidential debate. We all know that celebrities have a lot of influence (whether they should or not) on how aware we are on ~the issues~ so it’s always a good feeling to see them encouraging dialogue and reminding us that we HAVE to pay attention to WTF is happening in politics, as dismal as it seems.

Here’s what some of our faves had to say:

Katy Perry on how we were all feeling.


Queen Leslie Jones doing her own fact-checking, saying,

"It sound like he gets all his info from Wikipedia! Like he is so fucking uninformed it's embarrassing!! This is our fault! FUCKING VOTE!!"

J.K. Rowling on why words are never just words, saying,

"Trump says 'just words, folks.' It's his accusation and his defence. Words don't matter. Facts don't matter. If they don't, we're all lost."

Anna Kendrick getting SO REAL about this “locker room talk” nonsense.

"Doubling down on "locker room talk"?! Like all men do this?! Trumps words are an attack on women, this pathetic excuse is an attack on men."

Mark Ruffalo on the environment, and also how our insides feel, saying,

"The Donald wants to double down in drilling and setting the world on fire by dumping more carbon into the world atmosphere."

Kristen Bell on the integrity of our COUNTRY, saying,

"So Billy Bush was suspended from @TheTodayShow &we may nominate the other guy on the tape to run the free world. AM I IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE?!"

And our fave Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the state of the election.

"God, I hope that the next GOP candidate in 2020 is not an imbecile only to elevate the national debate. Seriously, this is such a joke."

And, of course, the always flawless Jessie Williams.

"Trump is the king of empty sentences. No actual information. Like giving a presentation in class when u did none of the reading."

Plus Stephen Colbert on the stress of being a fact-checker.

"Fact checkers watching Trump's debate performance."

Wiz Khalifa made us totally LOL (like, TG, because we need some humor in this).

"Cuz he couldn't grab her somewhere else."

Along with Blake Griffin.

"All this heavy breathing seems more locker room-esque than anything"

TG for these guys. At least if we’re miserable and terrified about all of this political stress, we’re all miserable and terrified together.