11 cat people share the hilarious, weird, sweet things they do with their fur-friends

The minute I saw the Kate McKinnon mash-up video of her talking about her cat, Neno, I lost it. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore, I watch three minutes of her talking about her cat and my heart feels like it’s going to explode. Stop Kate!

She may be a professional comedian but you can tell her love for her cat is real.  


I don’t have a cat myself, but my Facebook feed is littered with many friends that share McKinnon’s sentiments.  Being a cat parent (or spouse) has many memorable moments. With that in mind, I decided to ask a few of my friends what cute (and insane and hilarious) things they did with their cats. Here is what they had to say. How many of these can you relate to?

Sara David, Managing Editor at Complex Magazine 

“I don’t know if it’s funny, but I do reformat my entire life to prioritize kitty comfort. Cross country moves, getting into bed, eating my food, everything done to disturb the kitties as little as possible BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME.”

Ariel Dumas, Writer at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 

“I come home from work and say “Hey, you guys wanna grab a drink after work?” and then we all go to the bathroom, where I turn on the tub a trickle so they can drink from it while I take a pee.”

Chelsea Whyte, Marketing and Sales at The Word For You Today

“I have a conversation with my cat every day when I get home from work. He starts meowing as soon as I walk in the door, so I have to ask him all about his day. He won’t stop meowing until we do this. I also have to let him smell EVERY can I open (thanks to my sister feeding him tuna for the first 7 years of his life). He also thinks that he is a part of my Wednesday night small group – whenever they come over he greets everyone, finds a seat in the circle and listens intently to everyone’s contributions.”

Rachel McKay Steele, NYC comedian

I say “Bye baby, mommy misses you very much when she’s at work or at shows.”

Kevin Laibson, NYC Director and Producer

“The only thing that will keep me from making the bed is the possibility of disturbing the cat. Will keep thinking about it. I also run the water in the tub for about 5 seconds while I sit on the toilet so she could drink it as it drains. It’s her preferred drinking situation. Hard to think of my general behavior (kitty-related or otherwise) as anything other than TOTALLY NORMAL.”

Cara Salvatore, NYC Comedian

“I offer her things to smell because I know she likes to smell things. Like putting on deodorant or whatever, I’ll stick it a few inches away from her nose so she can get a sniff. She hates the smell of toothpaste and loves Neosporin.”

Martha Cipolla, NYC Comedian and Writer 

“I serenade them with Hamilton. They hate it.”

Giancarlo Osaben, Photographer and Comedian 

“I make sure to say goodbye to them before I leave and I don’t get rid of boxes because they LOVE boxes”

Ashley Ekers, ESL and Civics Teacher

“My entire photo booth is just pictures of me & my cat… also I dream about carrying him around in a baby Bjorn but I just don’t think I could ever come back from that, ya know?

Tara Kristelle McGugin, Dance Instructor

“Sometimes when a creeper from some dating app comes straight out of the gate asking for dirty pics, I just send them a picture of my “pussy”(cat). Needless to say, they are always disappointed.”

Rachel, Education Program Manager

“We work out together.”

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