11 best Valentine’s Day gifts on Etsy so you can show small businesses some love

When we need unique ideas, we turn to the awesomely amazing shops of Etsy. Because who wants to get something everyone already has?! These Valentine’s Day gifts on Etsy are a great way to show your bae some love — or let your squad know how much you adore them! — and they’re pretty darn affordable to boot. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll get to support small businesses, too.

Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts on Etsy to make your shopping a little bit easier! There’s enough work that comes with trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day as it is, after all.

1These pink mimosa bath bombs are perfectly fizzy


Get it here ($5).

2The perfect gift for your cat-obsessed friend (or for you and your own kitty!)


Get it here ($22). 

3This hot kiss bath bomb is totally ~sensual~ and relaxing


Get it here for $6.

4This hilariuos mug for your bae is something you’ll probably want for yourself, too


Get it here ($10).

5Your Pokémon-loving bae will absolutely flip over this ultra sweet message in a bottle


Get it here ($6).

6These “She’s A Keeper, She’s A Catch” mugs for the Harry Potter fan you really wanna impress


Get ’em here ($25).

7This “hers” and “hers” towel print is lovely and pink and everything good


Get it here ($15).

8Step up any sock collection with these classy AF heart socks


Get ’em here ($20).

9Love to spoon? Make your request to be spooned literally forevermore with this handy gift


Get it here ($18).

10If you’re the sort of couple that prefers to Netflix and chill 14/7, this binge-watch invite is just what you need this Valentine’s Day


Get it here ($4).

11And, finally, this love letter that’ll last forever in the form of a retro pin


Get it here ($12).

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