11 lazy animals who understand that sometimes doing nothing is *so* necessary

As much flack as people get for lying around and doing nothing, being lazy isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes lounging with absolutely no plans to do stuff is just what the body and mind need to recharge. Even the laziest animals in the world understand the benefits of taking a time-out.

So, if you’re like the majority of folks in this work-obsessed culture, you’re on the lookout for ways to motivate your lazy self, which is totally understandable. But just for now, let’s focus on the golden findings of the biologist who deemed it natural to be lazy because when science gives you permission to ease off the gas and chill out a bit, you listen up and act accordingly.

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Now that’s more like it!

These 11 animals have made an art of out of doing absolutely nothing, and quite frankly, it’s the most inspirational thing we’ve seen in a while.

This cat that looks like a lazy painting.


These seals that will chill between a rock and a hard place.

Because hopping everywhere is hard work.


This hedgehog that is hard-up napping.


This bear that’s too lazy to pose for the ‘gram.


This shiftless raccoon that could, but would rather NOT.

Because squirrels don’t always have somewhere to be.

This giant turtle is us when we sleep in.

These unapologetically lazy pigs in a blanket.

Because koalas will get their 16 hours of sleep in anywhere.


This inevitable neck cramp will be SO worth it ‘cuz…LAZY.


Since some of our fellow humans obviously don’t know when to give it a rest already, we’ll continue looking to other species to make us feel OK about chillaxing whenever the mood strikes.