Meet the oldest member of the class of 2015

Get ready to meet the oldest graduate of the class of 2015. Marie Hunt is 103 years old and she’s getting her high school diploma this spring, 87 years after she would have graduated on schedule, way back in 1928. Now, if that inspiring story doesn’t make you want to hug your grandma, we don’t know what will.

Marie Hunt told local Wisconsin news network WKOW that she was forced to drop out of school because she was unable to commute to and from her classes (sad!) and instead spent her time raising her eight younger siblings.

Even though she had a happy life after high school, she always dreamed of getting her diploma, and her assisted living center helped make it a reality. River Valley High School gave Marie an honorary degree, thanks to the help of her amazing nurse. “I didn’t have the opportunity to go and now, 100 years later, here I am!” Marie revealed, and now she’s even considering if she’s “college material” at 103. And since college is something she can do from anywhere in the world, maybe her next degree won’t be an honorary one!

This is an inspiring story to people of all ages, showing that no matter what setbacks you face in life, it’s worth following your dreams. Your bucket list may include a mix of random things — like hanging out with One Direction and getting into your dream college this year — and you should pursue them all, no matter how big or small.

For Marie, maybe the next item on her agenda should be heading to Hollywood instead of college. Watch out, Betty White — you may have some competition in the adorable old lady department!

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