This 101-year-old woman playing in snow is making our Friday

Playing in the snow isn’t just for kids, and a 101-year-old woman proves it. Armand Foisy and his mother Albina went for a drive in Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada to check out a light snow storm. As Armand pulled the car over to turn around and head back into town, the door flew open and out stepped his mom.

Albina wanted to play in the snow, and that’s exactly what she did. Because after 101 years of life, she obviously knows how to have a good time. Wearing a hooded black jacket and no gloves, she bent over, gathered some snow, shaped it into a snowball and threw it. And she did it all while laughing and having the best time.

“It’s kind of fun to play in the snow,” Albina told her son. She also admitted that she wasn’t even cold. She’s a pro.

Armand wanted to bring some happiness and Christmas spirit to the lives of everyone, so he posted the video on YouTube.

The video was shared so many times, the local news station covered the story. So of course, Albina’s son taped her watching it, because she’s clearly too awesome to never not tape her doing things. Albina was just as excited about seeing herself on TV as she was about the glory of snow.

Oh my oh my oh my oh my, we love her. Happy Friday, everyone.

(Featured image via Tastefully Offensive)

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