101 things to do to make this the best summer ever

It’s here! It’s here! Longer days, bon fires, summer vacation (for some), and a season where anything is possible. You might have the summer off from work or school, or you may be stuck working all summer, either way, you will find yourself with downtime and need to experience all that this glorious season has to offer. Maybe you are taking a “mental health day” from work or it’s a weekend, but don’t spend the precious day doing the something mundane that can be done any old time of the year. Carpe diem!

  • 1. Spend an entire day at the beach with a picnic.
  • 2. Have a nighttime beach bonfire.
  • 3. Visit a national park.
  • 4. Camp in a national park.
  • 5. Camp in your back yard.

6. See an outdoor concert.

7. Hang out on a roof top until the sun rises.
8. Find a drive-in movie theatre.

  • 9. Create your own drive in movie theatre with a sheet and projector.
  • 10. Road trip, even if it’s just a few hours away!
  • 11. Become a bookworm – a book a week maybe?
  • 12. Take a road trip just to eat something amazing there.
  • 13. Make ice cream and ice cream sandwiches from scratch, experiment with flavors.
  • 14. Go berry or citrus fruit picking.
  • 15. Step up your homemade cold soup game.
  • 16. Eat too much watermelon.
  • 17. Start an herb garden.
  • 18. Perfect your sangria recipe.
  • 19. Throw some fruit on the grill.
  • 20. Have an outdoor, candle-lit, dinner party.
  • 21. Dip popsicles in Prosecco.
  • 22. Nap in a hammock.
  • 23. Have a day of water activities like slip n slide, water guns, and water balloon fights.
  • 24. Throw a Field Day playing capture the flag…with the sprinklers on.
  • 25. Make a summer documentary.
  • 26. Take a scenic bike ride.
  • 27. Go to a crafts fair.
  • 28. Have a series of BBQ parties, each highlighting a different regions BBQ.
  • 29. Organize a clothes swap.
  • 30. Branch out your friend circle.
  • 31. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  • 32. Do a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • 33. Learn poker and start a weekly game.
  • 34. Learn to make your own jewelry and sell on Etsy.
  • 35. Have a mother/daughter spa day.
  • 36. Make a photo album.
  • 37. Finally start that diary you’ve been thinking about since middle school.
  • 38. Make a playlist for every possible life situation on iTunes.
  • 39. Use a polaroid camera.
  • 40. Dance until daybreak.

41. Plan a ’90s/nostalgia theme party.
42. Wiggle your toes in the grass/sand.

  • 43. Take an outdoor yoga class.
  • 44. Swim in a lake.
  • 45. Sit on a tire swing.
  • 46. Swing on a rope and jump into the water.
  • 47. Perfect your summer style.
  • 48. Become a flea market regular and expert.
  • 49. Light sparklers with friends at night.
  • 50. Start rocking some fab hats.
  • 51. Be a tourist in your own city for a day.
  • 52. Go skinny dipping with a BFF or a fling.
  • 53. Go roller skating/blading!
  • 54. Visit an aquarium.

55. Become a pro flower arranger.

56. Learn to find constellations.
57. Make s’mores.
58. Catch fireflies.
59. Fly a kite.
60. Create a scavenger hunt.
61. Decorate your neighborhood with sidewalk chalk.
62. Teach a grandparent to text.
63. Learn double Dutch jump rope.
64. Explore your local bookstores.

65. Lay on the grass and cloud watch.
66. Go paintballing.
67. Have a paint filled egg fight.
68. Have a board game night with friends.
69. Play Twister.

70. Dry flowers.
71. Paint a room in your house a bright color.

  • 72. Try a pastel hair color.
  • 73. Go to a hip hop dance class.
  • 74. Make sushi.

75. Amp up your mixology skills.
76. Try a new hairstyle everyday.
77. Perfect an easy breezy summer make up look.
78. Head to a music festival.
79. Find yourself a summer theme song.
80. Find a favorite sunscreen.
81. Become a farmers market regular.
82. Try nail art.
83. Try some patriotic nail art in July!

84. Buy a retro/vintage bathing suit.
85. Silk screen your own tees.
86. Try a water sport like surfing or jet skiing.
87. Go skydiving.
88. Play beach volleyball.
89. Get a henna tattoo on a boardwalk.
90. Go on a ferris wheel at dusk.
91. Have brunch alone with a book.
92. Have an outdoor fondue night.
93. Go to the horse races.
94. Play/learn tennis.
95. Try some boozy bowling.
96. Go early morning hiking.
97. Vow to wear sunblock EVERYDAY.
98. Start a vinyl collection.
99. Binge watch a show.
100. Take a “mental health” day from work.
101. Scrapbook your whole summer adventure.

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