100 years of zombie evolution is equal parts terrifying and brilliant

If you ever wanted to examine a zombie up close but you’ve never gotten an opportunity to do so (because you’ve never seen one or you were too busy running from them), this is your chance.

A group of extremely talented special effects makeup artists collaborated with Top Trending and “Dying Light” to show in one awesome video the transformation of zombies through the decades by transforming one brave man into all the incarnations of zombies from pop culture.

Before watching, I never realized that zombies had changed so much throughout the years — or that they could actually be quite good-looking up close.

I mean, just look at the smoldering eyes and come hither stare of this 1960s zombie:


And who doesn’t look dapper in a uniform, like this 1996 viral zombie?


I was captivated by the baby blue eyes of the 2013 Z Zombie.


Truth is, all of the zombies created are both impressive and terrifying. Watching the video is a fun (and safe) way to get your zombie fix in without actually having to get close to any of these creatures.

Take a look for yourself.