This video shows 100 years of wedding dress fashion in 3 minutes

We seriously cannot get enough of 100 Years of Fashion videos. First, The Cut totally wowed us with their mesmerizing vids showing us the evolution of beauty in India, Russia, Korea, and Iran, just to name a few of dozens. Then, Mode got in on the action with videos featuring a century’s worth of American beauty and men’s fashion. And all of them are completely entrancing.

The latest installment in the “100 Years” videos makes us feel the extreme urge to hop onto Pinterest and start pinning a million wedding dresses. That’s right: Mode has gifted us 100 years of wedding dresses, and it’s unbelievably stunning.

Complete with music for each era, the video starts with 1915’s beautiful, high-necked lace.

Then, we are taken through the flapper era of the roaring ’20s, which channel some serious Gatsby vibes:

Then, we arrive in the ’30s (lots of lace, once again), the ultra classy ’40s, and the ’50s (which remind us of the beloved Audrey Hepburn, hardcore):

Then, we come to the swinging ’60s. . . and the ’70s, where the bride is looking bohemian, barefooted, and fabulous!

From there, we’re in the very, um, LOUD ’80s, the ’90s (shockingly very lovely, when you consider the awful thing that was men’s fashion in the ’90s), and we’re brought to the ’00s and ’10s. Every single look is beautiful in its own way, and the effect is entirely mesmerizing. BRB, gonna go pin my dream wedding dresses on Pinterest.

Check out the entire video below, watch more of Mode‘s 100 Years vids, because we certainly can’t get enough of ’em.

(Images via YouTube.)

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