This “100 Years of Shoes” video would likely make Carrie Bradshaw cry tears of joy


There’s a recent trend of videos that show 100 years of [insert super interesting part of culture here] in two minutes and we are loving every second of it.

Right this minute, we’re obsessed with the latest “100 Years of Shoes” video, and we know Carrie Bradshaw would be right here gawking along with us (if she were, ya know, real).

The video, created by and brought to our attention by Seventeen, shows shoe styles ranging from 1910s to today, and we’d steal a time machine for every single. (Hello, retro wardrobe of our dreams!)

History comes in hot with some seriously weird and WONDERFUL… combat boots? Like, they’re probably actually called something else, but we’re definitely calling them combat boots.


Then it’s unsurprising with some kitten heals and slightly interesting patterns, until we get to the 1950s and 1960s, when somebody apparently decided women should accessorize their accessories.

These shoes have HATS.


And the shoe hats get even more hat-y!


We’re not even totally sure how to effectively match a hat to our outfit regularly, but if the trend of buying shoes with hats on them ever comes back, we’re so in. This is so bizarrely cute, we can’t.

The next pair of shoes we lost it over were part of the 1980s.

Adorable, cap-toed pumps with these fancy-ass lace socks? We’ll take twenty.


And then we start getting into trends we remember, but were sadly too young to wear.

The 1990s in all of their platformed glory give us some major retrospective FOMO.


Super ideal heels for chasing vampires down dark alleys before hitting The Bronze, right? We’re really, really here for those.

We’re also weirdly kinda here for these super-low… slip-on heels? What’s the terminology? Or do these just defy all convention?


We definitely liked seeing the current trends, too, where everything is studded or caged or slightly dangerous-looking. We love the idea that women’s fashion has run the gamut from cutesy ’50s housewife kitten heels to shoes Xena the Warrior Princess would approve of.

Check out the full video below!

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