And now for even MORE hairstyles from the past 100 years

Last month’s “100 Years of Hair” video made us swoon with envy over all the throw-back ‘dos, and (the site behind the vid) is at it again. As promised, the next chapter in our hair-story takes a look back at the last 100 years in hairstyles for African-American women, and all I can say is “MORE PLEASE.” This particular video we’re flaunting today is a side-by-side of the two hair videos they’ve done so far: one with a white model (Nina) and one with a black model (Marshay). The looks are amazing and a real fashion tour of modern history. promises to explore women of all body types, sexualities, and ethnicities, and I might just be even more excited now than I was when the series first debuted in December. How can it get any better than the lovely Marshay Mitchell in this installment. As she cycles through 11 different decades, each one is more glamorous than the next. Teach us to get that 1950s volume, Marshay!

The looks took four different stylists and probably endless patience on Marshay’s part, but when you watch the entire video, you just can’t help but to fall in love 11 times over. I need to beef up my social calendar so I can find places to wear these styles.

More than just capturing women’s styles over the last century, this series promises to be an inclusive look at what made women feel beautiful then and now. Examining all the gorg versions of these classic styles unites us as women, but it also reminds us of the different journey each woman takes.

Here’s a YouTube mashup of both videos side by side. I dare you not to keel over in hair rapture.