Today in awesome: 100 years of Americana tattoos in three minutes has been totally mesmerizing us by taking us back in time with its rad videos. We’ve seen the evolution of trends from the 1910s to the present time in countries like BrazilIran, Russia, India, Mexico, and Germany. But their latest video has blown us away in a totally different way. . . because it involved a woman getting a LOT of tattoos in a short period of time.

In Cut‘s 14th 100 Years Of Beauty episode, we get to see the evolution of Americana tattoos over the past century. But Cut wasn’t about to just use temporary tattoos. No, their motto is “go big or go home,” s0 they found a model who was willing to get a tattoo from each decade tattooed on her body, for real.

“I saw an ad that said ‘Would you be cool with getting 11 tattoos in one week?’ And I was like, ‘What?! That sounds crazy!” model Casey Lubin said in the video. So, naturally, she did it, like a badass.

From the beautiful roses of the 1910s to the gorgeous cat portrait of the 2010s, Casey had 11 tattoos done on her body, each in the style of a famous and iconic tattoo artist during that decade. And the results are stunning.

“When I found out what it was, I thought it was a really amazing opportunity, and to be a part of this project and to have history be on my body. . . Yeah, I would go back and forth from like, intense joy, and being like, ‘The universe is providing,’ to being like, ‘I’m crazy! This is crazy!’”

Not only is it mesmerizing to watch history unfold in real-time — as always, with Cut‘s videos —  but to watch a person’s body slowly be covered with tattoos? Probably one of the best 100 Years videos yet. Check it out and be prepared to get major tattoo envy and inspiration.

(Images via YouTube.)

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