100 years of Mexican beauty in 60 seconds

Huzzah! The Cut has released their latest 100 Years of Beauty video, and it’s amazing! This time they give us a century of Mexican style, complete with gorgeous braids, high beehives, and 1990s scrunchies. Model Reyna Marquez pulls off every look so well, and the whole thing really is a walk through a nation’s history. We are SO into this series.

The video begins in the 1910s with the Mexican Revolution, where the women were obviously not just sitting pretty on the sidelines.

It continues through the century, landing midway through at the red lips and done hair of the glamorous ’50s.

Ultimately it winds up at today, which actually has a bit of that painted lip ’50s action once again.

Every look is gorgeous, and unique, and emblematic of an era.

The Cut has already done four other videos in this series, including looks into beauty in Korea, Iran, and the U.S. for both white and black culture. Honestly, we straight up love these vids.

It’s endlessly interesting to see the variations on similar styles that pop up in each decade, and truly fascinating to see the decades marked by drastic changes from culture to culture. We are already hypothesizing about what their next installment will be.

Check out the the look at 100 years of Mexican style right here!

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