Here’s 100 mesmerizing years of male beauty trends in under two minutes

We’re all about beauty trends here at HG — but when you’re constantly gushing over the latest lipstick shades and hair dye fads, sometimes we can forget that men go through beauty trends, too.

Lucky for us, WatchCut is here to remind us of what we’ve been missing — and it’s all kinds of epic. In their mesmerizing new “100 Years of Beauty” video, WatchCut tackles how men’s beauty trends have evolved over the past century in the USA. Drawing inspiration from pop culture icons and music movements, each decade is more distinct than the last; and it’s well worth a watch.

From the start, it’s obvious that the model’s transformation is going to be epic. I mean, Clark Gable, is that you?!

Later in the video, he looks like he’d be right at home on That 70’s Show.

Or, maybe, co-hosting American Idol with Ryan Seacrest?

From the handlebar mustaches and smooth, slicked-back hair of the ’10s to the voluminous pompadours of the ’50s to the elegantly disheveled man buns of today, the video proves that men’s beauty standards can be just as ever-changing as their women counterparts. Check it out for yourself below!

(Images via video.)

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