This “100 years of lipstick” video shows how lipstick trends are ACTUALLY made

It’s no secret that celebrities help shape trends, but it turns out they’ve been influencing our style and makeup preferences for much longer, and on a much deeper level, than we thought.

Makeup artist and YouTube star Kandee Johnson filmed a “100 Years of Beauty” video for Allure, taking on lipstick trends over the last hundred years. Throughout the video, she shows off different lipstick trends and ties them to the icons who have made them popular.

There’s also some really cool lipstick trivia — for example, did you know the first long-lasting lipstick was created in 1954? Imagine what an absolute gamechanger that must have been. Longwear lipstick also made it easier to try bolder lip colors, like the dark red lips that actresses like Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner popularized. That’s still a staple on the red carpet — Jennifer Lopez just sported a dark red lip at the Golden Globe Awards.

In the 1960s, girl groups like the Ronettes and the Shirelles popularized white lipstick, which left more of a frosty effect behind on lips. Today, we commonly achieve this effect with opalescent or shimmery glosses. However, if you want your lips to actually appear white, you do have that option today.

The ’90s saw stars like Pamela Anderson and the Spice Girls was outlining their lips with a deep color and filling in the rest of the area with a lighter shade, in order to give the illusion of fuller lips. Kylie Jenner is credited with re-popularizing this trend today, as well as with the rise of the currently popular dark, matte lip look.

We’re a little bummed Rihanna didn’t make the cut — she’s made wild colors, like blue and purple, staples in any makeup enthusiast’s collection. However, one thing evident from the video is how many of these trends still reign supreme and constantly come back into play. After all, there’s a reason most people refer to red lipstick as “classic.” Watch the video below to see which celeb is behind your favorite lipstick trend.

(Image via YouTube)