100 years of Halloween costumes in 3 minutes

Halloween is almost here, and to celebrate Mode has created another fashion retrospective, this time with a spooky twist. The site is taking us back through iconic Halloween costumes from the past century, and it’s fascinating.

Starting in 1915 with a look that’s very Meet Me In St Louis, the three minute clip runs through the early 20th century, when masks were very in, to the 21st century when anything goes.

Around the 1940s things start looking familiar, and by 1955 we’re getting styles that could feasibly still be popular today. Or at least circa Mean Girls.

In the 1990s we start getting more pop culture references, with the bee from Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and Britney’s “Oops…I Did It Again” outfit.

Then Mode makes a prediction for this year’s popular Halloween costume: A riff on Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover, complete with champagne defying the laws of science. While we’re not totally sure if that will be on the top of everyone’s list this year, it is interesting to see how far Halloween styles have come over the years, and maybe get some inspiration of our own!

(Images via YouTube/Mode)

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