100 years of girls’ fashion will take you back to your childhood in a big way

Ever wonder what little girls wore one hundred years ago? Thanks to the awesome people at Lammily (the doll makers behind the Lammily doll, designed as a more realistic representation of feminity than traditional Barbie), we can see how fashion has changed for girls since 1900. Spoiler alert: it’s changed a lot. Like, a massive amount.

Lammily shot the video below, which takes us on a two-minute journey through fashion. In the early 1900’s, everything was girly pink ribbons and bows. (Girls were also apparently ballerinas back then.)


Over time, fashion has evolved into a more personal statement. (Holla!)

We cheered when knee socks came on the scene.


And that blue eye shadow and side pony? Be still my 80’s-loving heart.


But I think we can all agree that the 90’s deserve mad props for introducing leggings. #winning


See the entire evolution, decade-by-decade, in the video below. It’s pretty fascinating. TBH it’s worth a watch just to see the amazing dancer who models the clothes. She’s got some serious decade specific moves. We see you, Lammily girl. We see you.