100 Years of Chinese Beauty is here, and it’s absolutely gorgeous

Beauty trends come and go; but our memories of the best and worst of ’em last forever. Whether crimped hair and glitter eyeshadow in the ’90s or neon blush and teased curls in the ’80s, it’s safe to say that humans have done just about everything imaginable to our locks and faces. But the stuff that appeals to one side of the world isn’t always going to be the stuff that works for the rest — and Cut’s “100 Years of Beauty” series is definitive proof of that.

In their most recent video, Cut explores the last century of beauty trends in China — and the results are absolutely gorgeous. Each look is just as stunning as the last, and while some of the looks definitely have some Western influence, quite a few of them were entirely China’s own.

After watching the video, we were especially in love with the flawless red lips and up-dos of the ’20s. (You can definitely see a little influence from the West peeking through.)

But after Mao Zedong came into power, China’s beauty ideals shifted. Rather than glam and glitz, utility ran supreme; and as women entered the work force, trends tended toward simple and practical hairstyles and minimal makeup.

That being said, even China wasn’t immune to the perm craze of the ’80s. My mom, a Hong Kong native, rocked this look back in the day — but says that her perm didn’t hold because her hair is so stubbornly straight.

A couple decades later, it’s safe to say China is mostly on the same page as the United States. Loose waves are all the rage, and gorgeous, dewy skin brings out the model’s natural glow.

To me, the appeal of Cut’s series has always been how inclusive it is; and we couldn’t be happier to see them explore yet another country’s unique beauty trends over the years. Check it out for yourself below.

(Image via video.)

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