The latest 100 years of beauty video features Brazilian beauty

Cut has been taking us around the world — and back in time — in the name of beauty. In its 100 Years of Beauty video series, we’ve seen the evolution of trends from the 1910s until now. Cut has taken us to Iran, Russia, India, Mexico, and Germany, just to name a few — and no matter the country, it’s totally captivating.

It’s been about two months since their latest video, so we were on the edge of our seats waiting for the next one, but now it’s here, guys! For Cut’s latest video posted this week, we get to see 100 years of fashion and beauty in Brazil, and it’s absolutely stunning. Featuring model Cintia Dicker from Southern Brazil, the looks were inspired by rock star Rita Lee, actress Carmen Miranda, and the 1950s Miss Brazil, just to name a few.

First, we get to see the curly bob of the 1910s. Then, the ultra-sophisticated 1920s (my personal favorite decade in terms of fashion):

Then, there’s the ultra playful ’30s, with a curly updo paired with bold lipstick. Then comes the absolutely stunning gold floral turban of the 1940s (hello, Carmen Miranda!):

Then there were the classy tucked-in curls of the ’50s, before the ultra-blunt bangs of the 1960s:

Love those bangs! They stayed in the ’70s, but with a bit more featheriness to the look overall, paired with a flower. And naturally, the 80s had the wild hairdo and big hoops we all know and love, but with a Brazilian twist:

For the 1990s, we saw a super high, cute ponytail paired with bangs. The 2000s are immediately ultra sleek — bye-bye, bangs — with heavier eye makeup and brown lipstick. Which brings us to present day:

Check out the full video here and be prepared to be 100% mesmerized.

(Images via YouTube.)