We can’t look away from this mesmerizing 100 years of Argentinian beauty video

As you may have guessed, we are already pretty obsessed with the “100 Years of Beauty” YouTube channel. It’s got everything you could possibly want: beautiful vintage makeup looks, time-lapse videos, super clever transitions. What’s not to love?

But we’re especially into the “100 Years of Argentinian Beauty” video!

The video is set up like your typical “100 Years of…” video (as is to be expected), but they do such a wonderful job of completely nailing what makes the looks specific to Argentinian history and culture.

For those familiar with the basics of global fashion during the last century, it’s always cool to see what makes a “look” for each decade, whether it’s the way the hair is pinned or the shade of lipstick used. But what’s so cool about the “100 Years of Argentinian Beauty” video is that it truly show how the looks echo the classic norms of each decade, while beautifully demonstrating what makes them uniquely their own.

For example, we’re so in love with the low bun in the ’40s look.


Or the loose Veronica Lake-esque waves in this ’50s look.


And this quick homage to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the terrible social turmoil in the 1970s in Argentina is incredibly touching and moving.


And honestly, this 2000s look was most of us in high school.


It’s also just so incredibly cool to see a century’s worth of style and how the concept of what’s trendy or beautiful completely morphs over time. And honestly, it all holds up. We’d rock all these looks any day of the week!

The entire video is seriously worth a watch, and definitely worth a re-watch. Check out all the beautiful looks here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcvhLVbwkkA