100 years of American fashion in 2 minutes? Obsessed.

We are seriously L-O-V-I-N-G all these retrospective videos that explore the way makeup and style have evolved over the last century (shout out to the Cut whose 100 Years of Beauty vids have made such a big splash).

The latest fashion vid comes from Mode, who teamed up with stylists Soothing Sista and Stephanie Villa to take us through the iconic fashion looks that have defined the last 100 years in the U. S. of A.

The fashion starts in 1915 with a very Victorian look. But it’s quickly swept away for the Jazz Age drop waist of the ’20s, and pastels of the 1930s.

Then it’s on to the working girl chic of the 1940s, couture jacket of my dreams in the 1950s, and Jackie O inspired dresses of the 1960s.

The last half of the 100-year span is pretty incredible — denim jumpsuits, neon dresses, babydoll dresses with edge, those nightie-style shirts we all wore circa 2005, and finally the tomboy-with-a-feminine-twist look that may be familiar to you today.

In addition to seeing the threads, it’s amazing to think back on all the changes that were happening historically that bring about these shifts in style. From fabric rationing during World War II to the rise of feminism, a lot of the style differences between the decades are interwoven with history’s big moments.

Check out the video below! Seriously, though — where can a girl get these looks? We want in.

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