This 100 years of activewear video proves women can move in anything

Aside from the obvious, one of the most important parts of working out is deciding what to wear. The perfect pair of sneakers make all the difference in how enjoyable your next run will be; a supportive sports bra is the only way to do cardio; and tights that keep you covered when you’re in downward-facing dog are a necessity. But for women, activewear wasn’t always so practical — and Mode’s latest video for its 100 Years series shows just how much our workout clothes have changed in the last century.

Starring Blogilates and Pop Pilates queen Cassey Ho, the video is all kinds of epic. Along with a brief snapshot of workout wear by decade, we also get a glimpse at the exercise of choice that accompanied it — and things get weird. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit over the years. Based on the video, I’m still not completely sure how people exercised in the 1920s — but it looks remarkably similar to my attempts at juggling.


Major props to women in the 1930s for wearing such flawless ensembles while getting their sweat on. Can you imagine wearing heels on a stationary bike?! I can barely imagine getting on one in the first place.


Even short-sleeved sweaters and high-waisted shorts can’t stop workout goddess Cassey Ho from having perfect form. This girl absolutely kills it in the sweaty styles of the 1960s!


Remember all the weird things people used for home workouts in the 90s? Just watching this video had our thighs on fire.


Nowadays, it’s all about comfort and style, and fancy brands like Nike and Lululemon dictate what’s cool in the workout world. The modern human needs activewear that adapts to all different kinds of exercise — and in case you ever needed proof that Pop Pilates gets you in shape, just watch this mesmerizing GIF of Ho being a total badass.


Check out the whole video for yourself below!

(Images via YouTube/HelloGiggles.)

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