This 100-year-old woman says drinking wine is the key to a long life

If you think money, power, and respect are keys to life, there’s a wise centenarian who might challenge you. According to this 100-year-old woman, drinking wine is actually the secret to a long life. Science has officially confirmed that drinking wine can make you smarter, so clearly she’s on to something.

As HuffPost reports, Florence Bearse recently celebrated her milestone birthday, and as someone who lived multiples decades before most of us were even born, we’re inclined to listen to her sage advice (although we don’t need much convincing to uncork a bottle of vino).

Bearse — a former restaurateur from Maine — is currently a resident at the Westgate Center for Rehabilitation, where she celebrated her birthday with friends, fellow residents, and, obviously, plenty of wine to go around for everyone.

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During an interview with WLBZ-TV, the 100-year-old unequivocally attributed the boozy beverage to her longevity, telling reporters, “I like my wine.” She added, “Don’t take it away from me!” (Who would dare?)

And SAME, Florence. We’ll toast to that.

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So, is living a long life really that simple? Keep calm, drink wine and carry on for a minimum of 100 years? Well, actually, there’s another component to Bearse’s succinct suggestion on how to thrive well past the average human life expectancy, and it’s pretty straight-forward as well.

“No baloney,” she told the news station.

Um, just so we’re clear on this, we should go heavy on the wine and don’t take any crap. Sounds simple enough. If science is right about humans possibly living forever, we need to stock up on bottles ASAP.