Watch this woman devour 100 slices of bread like it’s nothing

If nutrition and general health weren’t a problem, I could probably live off of bread. Along with the fact that it’s ridiculously delicious, it also comes in countless forms and is a key ingredient in some of the best foods around (hello, sandwiches and pizza). When offered a complimentary bread basket, I often wonder what would happen if I just never stopped stuffing my face with free rolls — but while it would likely end in disaster for me, for one woman this situation would only end in glory.

If anyone could tackle a constant carb cornucopia, it’s professional eater Yuka Kinoshita — and her latest video proves it. In the video, Kinoshita devours 100 slices of bread in about six minutes; and it’s absolutely incredible. Neatly arranged into piles of four or five, we watch the bread disappear before our eyes. Aside from taking sips of water and popping a few slices in the toaster, Kinoshita never moves from her spot in front of the couch. She’s basically a black hole for bread slices.

“Halfway through, my jaw got so tired I believed it was a tough challenge,” she says in the video, “but I felt like I had to finish what I started; and, well, it was pretty tasty as well.”

And because, apparently, a hundred slices of bread just wasn’t enough of a challenge, Kinoshita also added toppings to about half of them — including cheese, mayo, honey, butter, and jam. She’s quick to point out that, while more to eat, the toppings did make the bread a lot tastier; so the added ingredients were well worth it.

Regardless, the whole thing is ridiculously impressive — and it’s definitive proof that women are just as capable of competitive eating as men. Yuka Kinoshita is our hero.

(Image via video.)

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