Here are 100 metronomes self-synching, which might calm you down after this intense year

With the onslaught of bad news we’ve been subjected to this year, there’s no time like the present to broaden your meditative resources. Since sharing is caring, allowing us to direct your frayed nerves to this video of 100 metronomes self-synching.

Recorded by Ikeguchi Lab, the video opens with the metronomes lined up in neat rows. The instruments are rocking back and forth and they’re totally out of sync — Drake dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” out of sync. The sound is basically like being trapped in a room with a bunch of teething babies who just won’t stop crying.

BUT THEN, one by one, the metronomes slowly but surely get on the same musical page and start ticking in unison and suddenly, we’re in full-fledged zen mode, baby.

Either that or we’re under hypnosis, but who cares because it’s super relaxing, plus we’re pretty sure we won’t have a hangover if we listen to this one too many times. Apparently, the synchronization is the result of an effect known as injection locking, in which one oscillator can catch on to the frequency of another (hence the term locking), causing them both to basically operate at the same frequency.

For a more detailed explanation, please see those old physics notes you shoved in a folder in that box of high school memorabilia in your mom’s attic. You might come away with a better comprehension of what just happened in the video. But since we’re in the mood to calm our brains, allow the laws of physics to guide you while we let these metronomes lull us to sleep until 2016 is over.