Here are all the 100 layer makeup videos you absolutely must see

The latest rage in makeup videos is 100 layers — and yes, that’s exactly what you think it is. What does 100 layers of makeup look like, you may ask? Well, vloggers everywhere are dying to show you.

While these trends aren’t actually practical, they’re definitely fun, if not fascinating. In fact, they’re a good way to add a bit of humor to a standard beauty video. It all started back in June, with vlogger Simply Nailogical (also known as Cristine) posted a fun video called “100+ Coats of Nail Polish,” also referred to as “Polish Mountain.” At of the time of publication, the video has 15,417,893 views, inspiring countless other beauty bloggers to challenge themselves in fun ways as well.

Harmless fun, for sure… until it’s time to remove the makeup.

Here are a few of our ultimate favorite 100 layer videos that have cropped up recently.

1. 100 Layers Of Highlighter

“It literally feels like my cheeks are about to break,” beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley says during round 14. Kids, don’t try this at home.

2. 100 Layers Of Gel Eyeliner

TheFakeBeautyGuru starts out her video with one layer of gel eyeliner, but tries her hardest to reach 100. A challenge, since for many, applying gel eyeliner is a pain in the butt. By the third layer, she realizes that lines are getting a little less professional-looking. The end result is hilarious, besides the “burning” part.

3. 100 Coats Of Mascara

Jeely was also inspired by the Polish Mountain video, and decided to do her own spin with mascara. Even better, she has an impromptu dancing break in the middle of application. Jeely’s video is set apart from others based on her sense of humor, and clever editing.

4. 100 Layers Of Weave

So, weaves probably don’t count as “makeup” per se, but HeyParis is such a charismatic vlogger that her take on “100 layers” should definitely be mentioned. “Since my hair’s pretty much full… I decided, why not?” she said. Paris has a weave drawer. Can we be best friends?

5. 100 Layers Of Dipbrow–66KwKUWI?feature=oembed

“These 100 layer videos are killing me, and I’m so curious,” vlogger Kait Nichole says at the start of her video. She decides to take on 100 layers of dipbrow, since what can be funnier? She keeps one eyebrow bare, so viewers can truly see the comparison.

6. 100 Layers Of Everything

Jenna Marbles might just be the queen of YouTube, and as such, she decided to take this challenge to the extreme. Her final result is hilarious (of course) and, as she admits, a great attempt to look like one of our ultimate favorite Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem Muppets. This is the perfect video to sum up your 100 Layer marathon.

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