100 Heartbeats is the Best Tumblr on the Internet

Lauren was 25 years old when she went into heart failure. A native of New York City and graduate of NYU, Lauren was living with her boyfriend and working full-time when she realized she could no longer walk a block without feeling like she was going to pass out. She soon learned that her heart was pumping very minimal amounts of blood throughout her body and nothing, save a transplant, could give her life back.

Lauren created “100 Heartbeats”, where she had gold medallions of hearts made and glued them to her favorite New York City spots; places that gave her joy during her life. The biggest gift Lauren gave us is the epic reminder that if you and your loved ones are healthy, you can get through anything. Problems, smoblems.

Because of 100 Heartbeats I am forced to not allow 99% of the things that used to upset me make my periphery. Because of 100 Heartbeats, the simplest things like being able to wake up and order an Iced Americano makes me feel extremely lucky. Because I am. And so are you.

Lauren’s heart may have failed us, but her mark on her favorite places and her blog will gratefully outlive us all.

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Featured image from Lauren of 100 Heartbeats.

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